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Venture General Contracting

How to Get the Most From Your Subcontractor Relationships

Posted by Venture General Contracting on Jun 29


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Trendy slogan, yes…truth, definitely. It’s important for us to have a collaborative mentality across our greater project team. Today, we want to talk about making strong subcontractor relationships a priority, how we do that at Venture, and why it translates to direct benefits to the projects we complete together.

Build a strong subcontractor network.

As in all aspects of business, relationships drive success. It’s important for us across all levels of our staff to maintain and grow strong relationships with the subs that help us execute the work.

Ensure subcontractor bid packages are tight.

With an extremely busy market, it’s important to provide comprehensive and clear bid packages. Thorough packages drive confidence in the sub market, resulting in trade buyouts that include complete scopes and better pricing.

Involve subcontractors at the right time.

Often this means bringing subs in during early constructability studies. Getting sub input at the right time helps enhance design and avoid costly re-work of systems and components. This predictability allows us to lock in a price and be able to stick with it throughout the project.

Clear, concise and shared quality expectations.

Shared quality expectations help avoid surprises and rework that could add costs and affect the project schedule. With everyone working toward a shared goal, the positive impact of teamwork results in delivering the best end product possible.

Ultimately, following the above practices results in a project that is predictable, simple and efficient to construct. Not to mention, fun! If we’re not having fun with our team, building amazing projects, we’re doing something wrong. Clint sums up how we want all of our sub partners to feel when working with Venture. 

I've been an Electrical Contractor since 1976....I have been on the receiving end of plenty of incompetent/uncaring/60-90 day paying General Contractors. I know the difference! It has been a real pleasure and privilege working for Venture. It's clear that the attitude is Win/Win for both Venture and their Subcontractors. That is not commonplace in this business. We here at Northland Electric love being part of the Venture Winning Team.

Clint McCubbin

Northland Electric

Thanks for the kind words, Clint. Venture loves having Northland Electric on our team as well!