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Venture General Contracting

Living a Culture of Care

Posted by Venture General Contracting on Apr 09

Elevating the Conversation and Living a Culture of Care

On April 5th, the Associated General Contractor’s of Washington (AGC) launched the Culture of Care initiative, aimed to celebrate and promote workplace diversity and to deliver resources to help companies become more diverse at every level of their operation. Venture has signed the pledge, and we want to talk about what workplace diversity means to us; and how we are committed to not just a signature, but living this cause, and continuing to elevate the conversation as a part of our culture.

Diversity Makes Business Sense

Diversity has changed a lot in Seattle, across all industries. The organizations who embrace diversity as a strength have a greater advantage. Supporting a strong, diverse workforce results in a wider pool of talent, an inclusive environment where innovation and solutions thrive, and an overall greater efficiency in our work processes.

Diversity Builds Stronger Teams

How we work as a construction industry is getting to be very technical and we need smart people at every level of the organization to get the job done. One thing we’ve learned is that strong teams don’t end at construction management folks; you need the trades, a strong subcontractor network, and you need people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to drive successful outcomes.

Diversity Makes us a Better Partner

There are a lot of great people at every level of our organization that care about our business and providing our clients a better way to build. When you put diverse minds together, it can result in new and better ways to elevate our industry by bringing unique perspectives on what’s possible.  Ours is a collective effort, one built on mutual respect, clear communication around a shared vision, and a desire to work at the highest level of our craft at every level of our organization.

Thank you to the AGC for opening up the conversation that we all need to have to build a stronger, more empowered workforce. We invite you, our partners, to learn more about the Culture of Care Cause, and what it means to the construction industry, and greater community.


From left: Jeff Cleator - Lease Crutcher Lewis, Kelli Kelly - PCL Construction Services, Chris Reese - PCL Construction Services, Jack Beaudoin - Venture General Contracting