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Venture General Contracting

Girl Scouts HQ Ribbon Cutting

Posted by Venture General Contracting on May 24

SEATTLE, May 24, 2017 –Tech companies aren’t the only organizations with their eye on ‘cool space’ in Seattle. Even long established, community focused organizations need to maximize and use their real estate wisely and creatively. Just ask the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, which recently moved their headquarters to G2 — formerly The Seattle Design Center in Georgetown.

The Girl Scouts’ home for the last 17 years was in burgeoning lower Queen Anne, smack dab between a community church and high-rise apartment building.  But, when community mapping showed how demographics had changed and they needed to be in a part of Seattle closer to the population of girls they were trying to reach, as well as a place more accessible to all of their King County members on strong public transportation routes, they moved into action.

Today, they officially open their new headquarters at G2.  Among the innovative features in the cool “girl-maximized” space are: A multipurpose room “Makers Space” and a state of the art boardroom. The Maker Space was designed for the purpose of STEM Education, which focuses on science technology, engineering and mathematics, including computer programming, textiles, robotics, 3D printing, laser cutters and sewing machines for conductive thread. Additionally, troop meetings will be held in this space and for many girls this will be their first trip to an office setting where they will explore different types of transportation to the building and how to conduct themselves in and navigate around a professional environment.  

The Boardroom is set up with the latest technology to allow for the Western Washington Chapter, comprised of roughly 25,000 members, to connect virtually. The Boardroom includes glass walls to allow natural light to fill the space with an applied Casper Cloaking film for privacy, obscuring digital screens to outside view.

“What’s happening at G2 literally lets us embody our Girl Scout motto of using resources wisely,” says Megan Ferland, CEO of Girl Scouts of Western Washington.

Beyond giving expert real estate insight and advice, says Ferland, brokers from JLL and Colliers were helpful in negotiating the lease. JLL’s Project and Development Services team also managed the fit out of the new office, working with Nelson Architects and Venture General Contracting.

“We’re so excited to have girls and volunteers come in to use this special, customized space in a new and exciting neighborhood,” says Ferland. “The new office is configured and maximized for GIRL USE, with girls’ needs in mind. I truly believe our new space carries out the vision we had for a collaborative, fun, warm and supportive community that really how special it is to be a Girl Scout,” she added.

“As a local center of youth education this space represented an opportunity for us to contribute to the greater Georgetown community; to surpass the schedule expectations for this mission was very gratifying,” said Tyler Christen, Project Manager, Venture General Contracting.