Sustainability is essential to our culture and practice

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A commitment to our community

We are active members of both the U.S. Green Building Council and Salmon Safe. Being a Salmon Safe Certified general contractor is one of the ways we extend our commitment to higher standards and sustainably progressive practices in the Pacific NW.  We promote and implement environmentally sensitive design and construction practices on all of our projects. Our integrated, proactive approach improves energy efficiency and building performance, reduces resource consumption, and diminishes environmental degradation on and off site.

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Venture is exceptional at protecting urban habitat, addressing stormwater quality, and eliminating contaminated runoff at all their projects. Venture Partner, Jack Beaudoin, even helped inspire our accreditation program for zero sediment runoff in large-scale construction.

Dan Kent, Executive Director | Salmon-Safe
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Building sustainably

The goal of Venture’s sustainable construction process is to create buildings that last longer, are more comfortable to live and work in, and are sensitive to the natural environment.

Our choice of office location near multi-modal mass transit, the way we manage our jobsites recycling programs, and how we interact with the Northwest environment all reflect our commitment to building sustainably.

Working for good

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Venture is Salmon-Safe Accredited

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US Green Building Council Members

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Our Approach

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