Venture Safely

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A focus on safety

Safety is extremely important to Venture. We are committed to work-place safety and the safety of all workers on and around our sites. We work to maintain and promote the safest possible work conditions for all workers to ensure that everyone returns home safe each day. This is achieved through the continued implementation of our safety management system and onsite trainings.

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The Venture team delivered a very nice-looking project in a very short time and a tight budget. In my 25 years of experience in the industry, I have not had such a great time working alongside a GC as I did with the Venture team in the last year. 

Ali Khatibi, Sr. Project Manager | Amazon (formerly Nestle)
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Team approach to safety

Our superintendents are responsible for overall worker safety on our projects. They are supported by our Safety Director and a Safety Manager from his team, along with the project field team. We plan the work and work the plan, spot checking workers to make sure they are following the prescribed safety measures set out to protect themselves and others.