Great culture fuels great outcomes

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A Supportive Community

At Venture, we are committed to a culture that is welcoming of all who walk through our doors and onto our job sites. We believe in providing an inclusive, safe environment, where people are treated with respect and able to reach their full potential.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other and empowering our employees to collaborate, innovate and create change.

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 >   Our Guiding Principles


    We achieve success for ourselves by achieving success for others


      Ethical behavior will always be evident in the performance of our responsibilities


        We work hard to achieve success and positively impact our stakeholders


          We bring the full measure of our intellect to every challenge


            Service to others is a fundamental responsibility of all our employees

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            We're like a family. It just feels like an environment you can be yourself in, you can learn in and grow in.

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            Committed to a culture of care

            Venture is proud to partner with the AGC in their Culture of Care initiative. We are committed to promoting diversity in our industry, bringing construction opportunities to every individual, and empowering each person to reach their full potential while at Venture.

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            We are feeling very fortunate to be working with the Venture team. The whole team is very organized and is asking all the right questions. Everyone is still having fun at it too, which is important.

            Bryan Bellissimo, AIA, NCARB | Principal, Encore Architects