Reducing cost and schedule times

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We have established holistic processes that are collaborative in nature and should begin early in preconstruction, with a focus on driving more predictable results in construction and a smoother delivery of the project to the client. Our process of creating a solid project plan, providing accurate GMP’s, creating reliable schedules, and engaging the best subcontractor partners results in successful and rewarding projects for those involved.

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Our Precon Philosophy

Complete Documents

Our objective is to gain all knowledge necessary before we build. This process involves constructability reviews with all project team members, and the development of a Project Execution Plan to avoid any loose ends at the start of construction.


Solid Project Plan

By performing an in-depth review of all drawings and specs, we develop a thorough understanding of the project before we mobilize. This process involves the creation of site logistics, sequencing, and safety plans. Touchpoints for multiple trades are identified and planned for from buyout to installation.

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Accurate GMP

An accurate GMP fully prices the documents, clearly identifies the scopes, and anticipates the implied work. Our team works to identify and buy gaps in scope, select the right trade partners, and complete a solid operational work plan.


Reliable Schedule

We search for efficient workflows and sequences that will gain the project momentum. Our goal is to create a comprehensive project schedule that identifies lead times, constraints, and can be followed throughout the life of the project.

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We so value our partnership with Venture. And by the way, I love the progression of work here at G2. Your crews are doing a phenomenal job. They continue to work with such professionalism. Looking forward to the partnership ahead.

Elaine Morse, CFO | Girl Scouts of Western Washington
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Recent Projects

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