Bellevue Connection

Bellevue Connection is an existing 257,000 sf 3-story above-grade building that includes 4 below-grade parking decks in an occupied building. The project consists of numerous upgrades including a complete exterior façade removal and update to curtain wall, metal panels and architectural woodwork. Egress pathways will be improved with the addition of two new elevators and the structural system will be upgraded for lateral stability with the addition of multiple brace frame and column upgrades to stiffen the building. The mechanical and electrical system is a complete upgrade including replacement of the existing fluid cooler, condenser pumps and boiler serving an existing system separate from the new shell and core system as well as relocating existing exhaust fans and roof top units. The new system is a heating water plant, chilled water plant and dedicated OSA ventilation systems designed to serve future TI buildout of L2 and L3. Additionally, all existing exterior walkways to be enclosed and multiple egress pathways both stairs and escalators to be removed and infilled, a 3,500 sf expansion of the 3rd floor and 4,500 sf expansion on the 2nd floor within an existing double high space.